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Brand Name:: Brufen 400Mg Generic Name:: Generic Motrin Form:: Tablet Strength:: 400 mg Pack :: 15 X 4 X 15 Tablets

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Generic Motrin 400 mg

Generic Motrin (ibuprofen) is a nonsteroidal mitigating medication (NSAID). It lives up to expectations by decreasing hormones that cause aggravation and torment in the body. Generic Motrin is utilized to diminish fever and treat agony or irritation brought on by numerous conditions, for example, migraine, toothache, back ache, joint pain, menstrual issues, or minor damage.

Motrin might likewise be utilized for purposes not recorded as a part of this medicine guide. Use Motrin precisely as regulated on the mark, or as endorsed by your specialist. Don’t use in bigger or more diminutive sums or for more than prescribed. Don’t take more Motrin than is prescribed.

An overdose of ibuprofen can result in harm to your stomach or guts. The most extreme measure of ibuprofen for grown-ups is 800 milligrams for every dosage or 3200 mg for every day (4 greatest measurements). Utilize just the littlest measure of Motrin required to get help from your ache, swelling, or fever.

Bring Motrin with nourishment or milk to reduce stomach upset. The Motrin chewable tablet must be bitten before you swallow it. In the event that you take Motrin for a long time of time, your specialist may need to check you all the time to verify this prescription is not bringing about hurtful impacts. Don’t miss any booked visits to your specialist.

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