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EU Pharmacy Store Update And New Website, Affiliates, Market Updates.

EU Pharmacy Store Update and New website, Affiliates, Market updates.

Greetings EU Pharmacy Store clients and friends, wishing everyone a happy holiday summer time, we are so happy to update everyone.  We have a new website, secure, we had issues with old website. This site accepts bitcoins at check out.  You may still email us, but we are trying hard to automate everything.

We are recruiting potential affiliates to sign up now 25% commission plus the referrer of affiliate gets `10% when payment closes you get paid in BTC in your wallet. We will be releasing a highly advanced MLM system for affiliates in next week or so, but for now sign up and we can work with you. Our new affiliate technology will allow the affiliates to have their own website to market.

For those who do not know Alphabay was recently shut down likely by FBI and other LE groups. Alexandre Cazes a Canadian man was arrested in Bangkok Thailand, A Canadian Cazes  26-year-old committed suicide in a cell in the Narcotics Bureau in Bangkok. The US FBI requested Cazes’s arrest and extradition and Drug Enforcement Officers of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau of Thailand followed suit on the request. On July 5, police raided all three of the Cazes homes and seized a Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. We never supported markets that sold stolen credit cards, weapons, and deadly research chemicals. We do not support theft, violence or selling deadly chemicals. We hope other markets will also ban these sales. Giving people access to drugs or information should be allowed and accepted as long as people do not hurt each other. Stealing and poisoning your fellow human is horrible and immoral. We as a community should not support these markets selling these items. It brings unwanted attention and it harms a person hence the reason that prohibition continues.

EU Pharmacy Store is registered on all major darknet markets, if you are on the darknet check us out.

Dream market

Hansa Market

T•chka Free Market

The Trade Route

Wall Street Market

House Of Lions

Zion Market

RsClub Market

Apple Market

Have a nice week,

EU Pharmacy Store

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