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Chronic Pain And Tapentadol

Chronic pain and tapentadol
Chronic pain has emerged as a significant problem amongst the adult populace across the world and is often, quite difficult to deal with effectively. A number of opioid analgesics are used for relief in case of chronic pain. However, these come with several side effects that affect the general well-being of the person and thus, minimizing the overall benefits gained by the use of the medications. Although tapentadol also contains opioid, it is seen as a relatively safer alternative to other medications. It works through two basic mechanisms – norepinephrine reuptake inhibition and µ opioid receptor agonism.

Tapentadol is a strong pain medicine that is strictly sold with a doctor’s prescription. It can be effectively used for daily around the clock pain management. These are also used for quick pain relief when other methods of treatment fail to show their efficiency. Tapentadol is also commonly used to manage pain caused due to damaged nerves resulting from diabetes. This is because non-opioid medicines may not be effective for the treatment or the patient may not be able to tolerate them. It should, however, be noted that these medications are only recommended to be used with a doctor’s prescription only. Prolonged use can increase the risk of overdose and can even prove to be fatal. Even if there are no side effects, the patient could develop an opioid addiction, leading to misuse and even abuse of the drug.

Tapentadol mechanism and usage
Tapentadol is an analgesic which works through norepinephrine reuptake inhibition and µ receptor agonism. It has received approval from the FDA for use by patients suffering from moderate as well as extreme acute pain. The medicine is safe for any patient who might have an opioid intolerance. It used to treat chronic pain arising from a number of issues such as pain in the lower back, chronic osteoarthritis, and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. It has a better analgesic potency and gastrointestinal tolerability. It is also highly effective for neuropathic, somatic and inflammatory pain.

Things to note while taking tapentadol tablets

  • Should not be taken if the patient is suffering from severe asthma or other lung problems
  • Should not be taken if the patient has suffered a bowel blockage or shrinking of the intestine and stomach

The following issues should be brought to the notice of the healthcare provider before starting the use of tapentadol tablets.

  • Previous instance of head injury and seizures
  • Problems in urination
  • Liver, kidney or thyroid problems
  • Problem with pancreas or gall bladder
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding

During the usage, the patient should strictly stick to the prescribed dose and maintain the timetable for taking the medicine. In case of discontinuation, it should only be done after consulting the healthcare provider.

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